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2023 Annual Meeting of Korean Drosophila Society

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

The Annual meeting of the Korean Drosophila Society took place in Gyeongju. We participated actively in the conference presenting the posters:

"Active noise suppression of visual pattern detection in Drosophila" - Hyosun Kim

"FlyVisNet: Emergence of feature selectivity in an insect vision-inspired artificial neural network" - Angel Canelo

"Whole-brain connectome reveals the structural bases of visuomotor processing in Drosophila" - Sung Yong Kim

"Temperature-dependent modulation of visual behaviors in Drosophila melanogaster" - Jon Madar

"Characterizing a candidate neuron for the modulation of visual processing in Drosophila" - Geonil Kim

In addition, the poster presented by Hyosun received one of the awards to "Best poster presentation".

It was a nice experience, where we got along with many students who work in the Drosophila research field, and found out very interesting and exciting research progress.


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