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2024 Annual Meeting of Korean Drosophila Society

The Annual meeting of the Korean Drosophila Society took place in Wonju at Oak Valley Resort. We participated actively in the conference presenting the posters:

"Wide-field visual feedback neurons enhance visual feature detection in Drosophila" - Hyosun Kim

"Uncovering Drosophila flight circuitry through analysis of the male adult nerve cord connectome" - Abraham Panameno

"Analysis of the Drosophila whole-brain connectome for three types of visual signaling" - Sung Yong Kim

"Temperature-dependent modulation of visual behaviors in flying Drosophila" - Jon Madar

"Giant interneurons in Drosophila navigation circuit encode multiple internal and external variables" - Geonil Kim

"Inactivation screening of descending neurons reveal population coding of visuomotor signals in flying Drosophila" - Yeon Kim

In addition, the posters presented by Hyosun and Abraham received the awards to "Best poster presentation".

It was a nice experience, where we got along with many students who work in the Drosophila research field, and found out very interesting and exciting research progress.



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