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Neuroscience 2022

We attended the Society for Neuroscience conference, Neuroscience 2022, in San Diego, California, USA. It was a unique opportunity to watch exciting lectures from the most important laboratories in the neuroscientific world. From Drosophila, mouse, monkey, and other animals we could appreciate the huge progress in understanding different disciplines such as visual processing, navigation, memory, behavior, etc. In addition, it was an amazing chance for getting in touch with many interesting people for future relations and cooperation. The poster section was also very informative in giving an inside of what each research group is working on. The graduate students Angel Canelo and Hyosun Kim also partipated in this ection presenting each of their posters:

- An insect vision-inspired flight control algorithm with an auto-tuned efference copy.

- A visuomotor circuit for evasive flight turns in Drosophila.

Finally, the last day we could visit some touristic spots in San Diego, such as the beautiful shores of La Jolla, and the western style neighborhood of Old Town. Next, we have selected some photos to share from this trip and hopefully they show the atmosphere that we experienced there.

San Diego Convention Center:

La Jolla:

Old Town:

On the way:

In Downtown with Gaby Maimon's lab members:

Some night views:


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