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The APDNC3 conference in Japan

We attended the Asia Pacific Drosophila Neurobiology Conference 3 (APDNC3) held at the Riken campus in Wako city, Saitama. We participated actively in the conference presenting the posters:

"Uncovering novel Drosophila Melanogaster flight circuitry between wings, halteres, and brain through analysis of the MANC connectome" - Abraham Panameno

"A visual efference copy-based navigation algorithm in Drosophila for complex visual environments" - Angel Canelo

"A miniature panoramic display system for studying insect visual behaviors using a flex OLED screen" - Kyungjune Kim It was an exciting experience, where we learnt from new findings in neuroscience and got along with many researchers who work in this field. We could also enjoy some tourism in Tokyo!



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