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2022 Annual Meeting of Korean Drosophila Society

The Annual meeting of the Korean Drosophila Society took place in Gyeongju. We participated actively in the conference presenting the posters:

"An insect vision inspired flight control algorithm with an auto-tuned efference copy" - Angel Canelo

"Connectome analysis for lateral connectivity across optic glomeruli in drosophila vision" - Sung Yong Kim

"Detection Flies: illicit drug detection system using genetically modified Drosophila" - Yujin Shim, Pasan Sepala

"The role of motion-sensitive visual neurons in object fixation behavior of flying Drosophila" - JoonHu An, Subin Ha, Geonil Kim, HyungWook Kim

"A visuomotor circuit for evasive flight turns in Drosophila" - Hyosun Kim

In addition, the poster presented by Angel received one of the awards to "Best poster presentation".

It was a nice experience, where we got along with many students who work in the Drosophila research field, and found out very interesting research progress.



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